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White Student at Thomas More University Says the "N" Word.

Thomas More University

You have been raised in a society whose culture tells you that everything belongs to you, so you think you can use a word that doesn’t belong to you, or be something that you are not.

Be black when it’s time to get a job, so you can automatically be viewed as lazy, unintelligent, or unprofessional. Be black in front of that police officer who’s ready to blow ya head off for no apparent reason other than fear of who you are. Break a law and be black and let the authorities overly discipline or criminalize you. But you would never do that because those aren’t things that would be advantageous for you.

Being black isn’t something that WE can take off and be like “aww yeah, fuck being black today. I’m cool on that shit.” Nah, we are black every single day of our lives.

Now, go ahead and say, “But it’s a rap song? I should be able to say it if you can.” Can I go and call you a slut even though you and your friends call each other that? Nah, but now you get a glimpse of what it’s like to be black. What it’s like to be in a space, in a world where you aren’t allowed doing the very thing that everyone else has the opportunity or privilege to do. “Nigga” is our word.

Tighten up, your privilege is showing.

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