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What Makes a Good Woman?

Nashville, TN

What makes a good woman? A woman who puts everyone else above herself? Who consistently cares and caters to her man before herself? Is that what makes her “ride or die”, “the one”, “your ace”?

Nah, Fuck That.

I disagree. Women aren’t psychiatrists; if you want one, hire one. Girls and women aren’t here to care for a broken boy/man who most likely isn’t giving her anything back in return. Why is this dynamic so praised in this generation? Who is there to care for the woman? Why aren’t balanced and healthy relationships talked about more?

A girl can’t become a woman, and the full potential of the woman she’s supposed to become if she’s caring for a man that’s still a boy. Or maybe he is a man, and a good one at that, but why is she expected by social media or even her own standards to put him or anyone else before herself?

I’ve learned that compassion, empathy and loyalty are essential but so are self love, discernment and respect. A woman knows her worth and though she loves hard and strong, she will always make sure she includes herself in the mix of those she loves and make sacrifices for. To me, a woman putting a man before herself is nothing to be proud of (especially at this age). This frame of mind is so poisonous; young girls and women need to recognize their worth, their strengths and weaknesses and the things they simply won’t put up with.

Women weren’t created to pick up the pieces behind a man or anyone, and then try to meticulously piece them back together with their unending, immaculate, sweet love. She first needs to love herself with that same love by waking up each day, revising and strengthening the woman she is with the love and spirit God has blessed her with.

For the woman reading this with eyes of strength, hope and fire, maybe and almost surely you are called to be a shoulder for someone, just don’t let them break you, you need yourself more than they will ever need you. Take care of yourself babygirl.

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