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Updated: Aug 21, 2018

Shelton, Connecticut

I was beginning the college search process in hopes of leaving Connecticut to experience the college life. But as acceptance letters started coming in, I soon discovered that I was 3 months pregnant.

My family attempted to have an intervention with me in hopes that I would realize being a teen mother was not the “right” choice, that I would not be able to accomplish my goals in life or attend college or have a career, that simply I would ruin my future. However, I knew in my heart that abortion was not an option but I made it a mission for myself to not be labeled a “teen mother”; just simply a mother. I wanted my little girl to know that her mom was strong and resilient. I continued to go to school and worked my part time job and at 7 months pregnant I graduated with high honors and walked down that graduation aisle to accept my high school diploma, 2 months later and exactly 22 days after my 18thbirthday I had my daughter and I knew I made the right decision.

I didn’t let being pregnant as a teen hinder me. I graduated in four years and received my BS in Business Management with a minor in Communications. It was tough, there were struggles but I had a phenomenal support system.

As I reflect, I could have allowed myself to be defined by others. However, I wanted to prove to my family and myself that I was not the stereotypical “teen mother” most people would perceive. I believe having my daughter at a young age pushed me to accomplish more in life because I know she depends on me and having someone depend on you and look up to you will push you beyond belief, this is why I chose to become a mother.

Look at me now, Senior Analyst at one the largest CPG companies in the world. I made it despite what others said; you can too.

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