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Nah, Susan. I'm Cool.

Kansas City, MO

Nah, Susan. I’m Cool.

Susan. What is your purpose? In years past, I led a fundraiser for breast cancer research and donated the proceeds to your foundation. This year, I held a slightly different fundraiser to do the same, but I will NOT be donating the proceeds to you. Why? Because you are fraudulent. My reasoning is as follows:

You’ve filed legal trademark oppositions against hundreds of smaller charities for using your “for the cure” slogan. A simple “cease and desist” letter would have sufficed, but instead you filed legal trademark oppositions against them. IT’S ALL GOING TO THE SAME CAUSE TO PREVENT BREAST CANCER. You’re just a marketing firm. Noted.

You raise MILLIONS of dollars, yet you’re only donating about 20% towards breast cancer research? WHERE IS THE REST OF THE MONEY GOING? Oh yeah, my bad. Litigation.

You have chosen politics over patients. You pulled grant money from Planned Parenthood for breast cancer screening because you thought they were using federal dollars for abortions. Even if they were, providing breast cancer screening aligns with your purpose, correct? And of course, when you received backlash for it, you gave the money back.

So remind me again, what is your purpose? Are you here to raise awareness and help prevent breast cancer? Wouldn’t it make more sense to use a greater portion of your proceeds to directly affect breast cancer research rather than tying smaller foundations and charities up in litigation for using your slogan?

I truly appreciate the awareness that you have raised and your donations towards breast cancer research, BUT until you can show me that you are going to be more financially responsible, I’m cool on you. I’ll take my money and donate it elsewhere, to an organization that lives their purpose.

- Kamree

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