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Cincinnati, OH

Imagine finding your voice, your purpose, your WHY... speaking up on things that matter to you the most because you've experienced them firsthand! But before you could do that...

Imagine waking up in the middle of the night for years fearful that he might find where you live now and try to harm you, although you thought you moved on and was beginning a new chapter and in a new relationship.

Imagine having nightmares about him putting his hands up your shirt and down your pants, forcing you to give him a kiss or he'd 'tell your mommy' when all you were trying to do was go outside and play with your cousins.

Imagine sitting on the living room window seal with your bags packed, patiently waiting for hours for him to arrive so you could spend quality father-daughter time, but he never showed... time after time!

The fucked up thing about it all is that those 'he's' were all different men who I once trusted at some point in my life. I trusted them, yet here I am telling my TRUTH of how they betrayed me, used me, and abused me. I was 'supposed' to be another statistic, right?! I was never supposed to go off to college and make something of myself. But I said, "NAH, FUCK THAT." and kept pushing through all adversaries. The things I've been through in life have only made me the strong, courageous black woman that I am today. Sometimes the worse things that happen to us can be used to set others free. So, for the young woman who's tears fall on her dorm room pillow every night terrified that her ex boyfriend might find her and try to harm her, the little black girl scared to tell mommy what's happening to her at Auntie's house, and the daughter yearning for her father's love, I see you. I was once you. I pray for you. Say, "NAH, FUCK THAT." just like I did and keep on pushing baby girl.

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