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Orlando, Florida

When I decided to quit teaching and go back to school for my MBA, I was sure I’d made the right decision. I LOVED teaching but I wanted a job that would afford me the lifestyle I thought I wanted - the one society programmed me to want. But after graduating and being removed from an internship with a top tier company, I decided it wasn’t for me. People kept telling me that I would bounce back. They told me to keep chasing the next “great marketing job” and the six figure salary. But I said, "NAH FUCK THAT" and promised myself to only pursue things that made me 100% happy. I was nervous, not knowing what I would do next with my life. But I was sure that it would all come together as soon as I found myself.

Now, over a year removed, I’m the happiest I’ve ever been. I work for a great company @profoundgentlemen under one of my closet friends @mariojovan - supporting male educators of color. I’ve embraced a more hippie lifestyle, picking up archery, organic gardening, and connecting myself with nature. I now spend my free time reading, listening to the earth, and discovering new ways to disconnect from traditionalism. I’m in a state of growth but also in a state of bliss. To anybody reading this, chase your interests and dreams. You’ll find balance along the way.

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