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Phoenix, Arizona

As a person who grew up in an underserved community, I was made to believe that that type of environment was my ceiling. Having grown up in a place like that, I had involved myself in a lot of destructive experiences, whether it was fighting, gang activity, or hustling to support myself. It all changed when I realized that I could do something different, that I could go to college.

Having gone to college though, I was always stuck in between wanting to make music, going to law school, or becoming an architect. I thought that by excelling in school, becoming a leader in student organizations, and even making it to the ranks of being selected to join multiple honoraries, I would be destined to land a great paying job in my field of study. With all that promise though, post-graduation I found myself jobless and depressed.

This depression led me back to my passion for music. Music had always been something I did to cope with the struggles of life. I knew I needed a job or I would resort back to what I knew best which would have been backtracking. So I worked, which I hated but I needed the income to invest in my passion for creating music. After being completely unfulfilled at work and feeling stifled in the city of my alma mater, I took a leap of faith and flew to Arizona to find fulfilling opportunities and to give myself a fresh start. Many thought that me leaving was “just me talking” until everything was actually official.

AZ is close to the west coast, which will give me greater exposure to expand my platform in the music industry and eventually be able to have the opportunity to give back to the hood that made me who I am. I could have let my own self-doubt and nay-sayers hold me back, but I chose the high-risk/high reward route and hit the JACKPOT.

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