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Indianapolis, IN

My depression started my junior year of college; the darkest time in my life. I began to lose all interest in school and as a result my grades dropped. I was very irritable and purposely pushed away the people that were close to me. There was just this intense sadness, like an endless feeling of being lost. I spent a lot of time alone. I was so prideful and “strong” that it took me a while to tell anyone what was going on. I refused to allow anyone to view me as what I thought was “weak”. It was when I begin to have suicidal thoughts that I decided to seek help. I knew that I didn’t want to end my life I just wanted the pain to stop. I knew it was time to seek help. I first opened up to my best friend; I told him I was feeling “down” because I still couldn’t say depressed. I then began to go to the counseling center on campus. I also started taking antidepressants. That all really helped. Taking those steps changed and saved my life. I began to feel like my old but better self again. Still to this day only a select few know about my battle with depression. I’ve always felt ashamed and embarrassed because of it, but I’m breaking my years of silence and saying, "Nah, Fuck That." to share my story. My hope is that those who are experiencing a similar situation, will read this and know it’s going to be ok. Know that asking for help doesn’t make you weak and you can overcome this COMMON thing known as depression.

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