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Independence, MO

Growing up was already hard enough due to my mom being on drugs. Days of not having food, clean clothes, lights, gas, and water was enough to make me vow that when I had children, they would not have endure most of the hardships that I had encountered. For the most part, I can say that I lived up to that. Well, fast forward to April 13, 2016; I was 40 years old when I hear the words “you have breast cancer”. Instantly, the tears started flowing and at that moment I thought about all of the obstacles I had faced and overcame in life, that this would be my defeat. I remember leaving the appointment crying and thinking about if and how I was going to tell my kids. I stopped at a gas station and just sat there crying, feeling sorry for myself. The radio was playing and all of a sudden a gospel song came on, “If He did it before, He can do it again, same God right now, same God back then.” Now, I’ve always believed in God, but this was confirmation that everything was going to be okay. I believe that my "Nah, Fuck That." moment came right then. And I’ve been living without fear ever since.

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