• Kamree Maull


Updated: Aug 21, 2018

Cincinnati, OH

I never would have thought that I would have had such a successful collegiate experience. Whether it was internships, study abroad, or leadership opportunities, it was all “easy” for me. Having had all of that success, I was unaware, of what was in store for me: an identity crisis I’ve just recently been able to resolve.

Because of the perceived ease of my accomplishments, people expected that my upbringing was much more privileged than it was. Others could tell I was a little rough around the edges, but would make me feel that I had to be “buttoned up” at all times. This made me feel as if I had to forget where I came from and conform to what the world viewed as being “professional”. I was always hesitant about what I did, said, posted on social media, because I feared that people would be able to see that I wasn’t privileged, that I infact grew up on government/public assistance.

I now realize that being viewed as “professional” was actually what would make me “most accepted” as a black man. FUCK THAT. I am who I am. I realize now that those two sides of me can coexist. To those who feel that I should be more hesitant, cautious or “walk on egg shells” throughout my life, I challenge you to expand your mind past the limits of your own reality. I am Kamree. I can rock gold teeth on the weekend, while surpassing and out hustling you in the professional realm. And I’ll do all of this with Gucci bumpin in the background! My upbringing and who I am is not a weakness; it will allow me to reach what you perceive as unattainable for someone like me.

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