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A Conditioned Mind.

A conditioned mind is a mind imprisoned by its own thoughts. It is a mind unable to think past the four walls of the box it resides in. This mind is deceptive and lethal. When thinking of solutions, a conditioned mind will only seek and pursue answers that confirm its pre-approved thoughts/judgements. The conditioned mind is stubborn—unreceptive of all things contrary.

What’s most disturbing about a conditioned mind is that it doesn’t recognize a problem. It can be completely oblivious and insensitive to the harm it creates.

A conditioned mind is also a victim to authority bias, which yields compliance based on the PERCEIVED legitimacy of those in authority. This explains why we look at judges in robes like “gods” and think they are without a flaw. A conditioned mind tells you that because the prosecutor has a doctorate degree and is in a position of power, they are incapable of and will not abuse their authority.

Everyone has a conditioned mind, it’s a part of what makes us human, but before we can reform the criminal justice and prison system, we must unlock the shackles that hold our minds captive—this means we must have an eagerness to be wrong, to broaden our perspectives and have the tenacity to learn. Then, we will be prepared to understand where this system fails and work together to resolve its issues.

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