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 Unbox3d's Story 

Unbox3d was conceptualized and created in 2018 by Kamree Maull, a native of Cincinnati, OH, 1 year after he graduated from the University of Cincinnati and moved to the east coast to begin his career in corporate America with Unilever.


In October of 2017, Kamree attended a purpose workshop sponsored by his employer, which birthed the early idea of what is now known as "Unbox3d". At the purpose workshop, he found his purpose to be "to destroy the box" - not being bound by conventionalism and challenging the status quo. 

The purpose of Unbox3d is to create a culture of non-conformity by inspiring others to challenge conventionalism in their own lives, whether it's created by others (society) or from within. By breaking those chains of limited expectations, Kamree hopes that individuals become the best versions of themselves, which in turn, will enhance society for the greater good. 



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