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    New product development

    1. low melt point wax series
    Our company is developing the low melt point wax series three species.
    Technique specification is as follows:
    Item Model No.
    35# 40# 5#
    Whole refinement Half refinement Whole refinement Half refinement Whosle refinement Half refinement
    Drop point°C 35±1 35±1 40±1 40±1 45±1 45±1
    Oil contain% < 0.50 < 1.00 < 0.50 < 1.00 < 0.50 < 1.00
    Penetration25°C 1/10mm  20-25 25-30  20-25  25-30  20-25   25-30
    Mechanic impurnies  Have no Have no  Have no  Have no  Have no Have no 
     Have no Have no   Have no Have no  Have no  Have no 

    2 .phase change energy storage wax series
    Phase change energy storge wax is the main composition for new building reunite material,having solid-liquid change mutually,change the latent heat mutually big,change the area of temperature marrow,the physics chemistry function is stable,being not poisonous to harm to wait the characteristic to the human body.

    3.new safe valve for boiler
    Our company is developing new safe valve for boiler,the safe valve have exceed provision temperature or exceed provision pressure report to the police and open the valve two kinds result.

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