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    I. Automatic Temperature Regulating Agent Series

    Automatic Temperature Regulating Agent Series is a kind of thermal expansion materials, which depends on principles that the substance expands when it is heated and constricts when it is cooled and a liquid is incompressible. It can automatically regulate temperature......


    II. Thermostatic Wax Series

    The characteristic of Thermostatic Wax consists of its volume expansion amount can reach up to 13 ~ 15 % when it is heated from solid to liquid. We use this characteristic, when it is heated to a solid-liquid transformation, its' heat energy can translate into mechanical energy. Thermostatic Wax has been widely applied to temperature auto regulation of thermal-driving and various thermal-starting devices.

    For example, automobile thermostat has been most widely well known, it has cylindrical seal part that loads some Thermostatic Waxes inside. To realize automatic temperature control, it was designed by a special technical specification for the solid-liquid transformation of Thermostatic Wax. When the cylindrical part is heated, Thermostatic Wax in the part is also heated and making a solid-liquid transformation expansion, Thermostatic Wax pushes thermostat's itself handspike to open the valve. When the cylindrical part gets cold, Thermostatic Wax also cooled and start to shrink, Thermostatic Wax pushes itself handspike back to original situation under the return load force to close up the valve to realize automatic temperature control......


    III. Thermostatic Element Series

    Thermostatic Element can transfer heat energy into mechanical energy. It has a function that can induce temperature change and rapidly automatically comes out mechanical movement. Because of having applied the thermal expansion material inside, so there is no any ambient influence when mechanical movement happens. It is a key part which has the advantages with all kinds of temperature regulating and control systems, such as wide temperature regulating range, exactly temperature control, simple structure, reliable capability, etc. It has been widely application in many fields such as automobile industry, building heating, sanitary ware, air-conditioner, industrial automatic control,  fire protection, household appliances, solar water heater, petrochemical industry, shipping, safeguard, aviation and space etc.


    IV. Temperature Control Valve

    We have developed various temperature control valves and electric switches, which adopt thermostatic wax's principle that can transfer thermal energy into mechanical energy, and can automatically regulate valve's opening by controlled medium change in temperature. It concentrates on measurement and performing and various auto-control function which can control temperature, limit temperature, control quantity of flow and passageway conversion, etc. Our products are widely applied to different filed such as heating in city, heating, air-conditioner, hot water system and petrochemical industry, fire control, safety, human life serves, etc.


    V. Special Wax in Special Purpose

    1.Energy Storage Wax
    2.Precision Casting Wax
    3.Special Wax in Agriculture and Forestry
    4.Electric Wax Series
    5.Powdery Special Wax

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