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    Fushun Yongning Industry Co., Ltd set up in 1995. It is an exploitive and producing enterprise, which concentrates on developing and producing thermal expansion materials, thermo-starting devices, and special wax for particular use.

    By constant establishment and development, Fushun Yongning Industry Co., Ltd, has owned solid professional engineers & technical staffs with strict in discipline; We have many sets of advanced producing device with high technological conditions, and can mass-produce various products to service the needs of different clients. A series of fine analyzer and test facilities can engage in development of various thermal expansion materials, thermo-starting devices and special wax for particular use.

    Fushun Yongning Industry Co., Ltd., has been independently exploited and manufactured many kinds of products series. Such as: Automatic Temperature Regulating Series, Thermostatic Element Series, Thermostatic Valves Series, Special Wax Series for particular use.

    Fushun Yongning Industry Co., Ltd constantly increases investment and innovation in technical arrangement to ensure making high quality products. We have a perfect management system of product quality, and obtained the certification of ISO9001-2001 in Jan, 2003. The trademark of our products has registered with "Flying Osprey".

    We make great effort to offer the good, efficient and individuated service. So we have won a quite favorable good reputation in the relative fields. We sincerely welcome all dimensional, multilayered cooperation with the customers from abroad.

    Fushun Yongning Industry Co., Ltd . Address:NO.21 Yulin Road Xinfu District, Fushun,Liaoning
    Tel:86-24-52440498 Fax:86-24-52437193 E-mail:ningliu@ynwax.com post:113008
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